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Isabelle Portenier DMD, PhD
Specialist in Endodontics

Dr. Isabelle Portenier has a diploma in dental medicine from the University of Zürich. She received her doctorate at the University of Zürich, and a PhD in endodontic microbiology and her specialisation in Endodontics at the University of Oslo. She was associate professor at the endodontic department at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Dr. Isabelle Portenier has 25 years clinical experience in Switzerland and Norway and 15 years of experience in university teaching and research.

To date, she works in her private practice specialised in endodontics in Nyon, Switzerland, and holds a position as clinical instructor at the Endodontic Department of University of Oslo, Norway. She is a member of the research committee of the European Society of Endodontology.

Dr. Gilberto Debelian , DMD, PhD

Oslo, Norway

Dr. Gilberto Debelian has received his DMD degree from the University of Sao Paulo, Brasil in 1987. He has completed his specialization in Endodontics from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine, USA in 1991 and received the Louis I. Grossman Postdoctoral Student Award in Endodontics. He has taught as a clinical instructor and associate professor at the post-doctoral endodontic program at the Department of Endodontics, University of Oslo, Norway from 1991 to 2001, and from 2006 to 2010. He has concluded his PhD studies at the University of Oslo, Norway in 1997 on bacteremia and fungemia on patients undergoing endodontic therapy, which gave him two scientific awards from the Europen Society of Endodontology (ESE) and from the Norwegian Dental Association both in 1997. His is an adjunct visiting professor at the post-graduate program in endodontics, University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, and University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, USA. Dr. Debelian maintains a private practice limited to Endodontics in Bekkestua, Norway.

Dr. Debelian has authored 3 chapter books in Endodontics, one book in Endodontics and written more than 50 scientific and clinical papers. He is currently member of the scientific advisory panel for the Journal of Endodontics and Endodontic Practice Today. He is the director of the Oslo Endodontic Study Club and the vice-president of the Norwegian Endodontic Society. Dr. Debelian has lectured nationally and internationally on Endodontic Infections, Systemic Diseases Caused by Oral Microorganisms, Dental Traumatology, New Technological Aids in Endodontics including Nickel-Titanium instruments and instrumentation techniques and root filling materials and techniques. Dr. Debelian is also involved on hands-on courses on NiTi systems and operative dental microscopy both on conventional and surgical Endodontics and holds a instructor position at the Carl Zeiss Academy of Microscopy in Switzerland.

Dr. med. dent. Fitim Shabani

Born in North Macedonia. Graduated as a dental technician in Tetovo, North Macedonia. Studies successfully completed in medicine and dentistry at the University of Pristina, Kosovo in 2011. Activity as a general dentist since 2012 in Switzerland, main areas of activity in endodontology, restauration, prosthetic and surgery. Lecturer in Switzerland and abroad in the field of Endodontic and Operating dental microscope. Member of several dental and endodontic association.

Dr. Meetu Ralli Kohli

Dr. Meetu Ralli Kohli is Clinical Associate Professor and Director for Continuing Education and International Visiting Scholar Program at the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine, Endodontic department.  Dr. Kohli earned her B.D.S. degree from Government Dental College, Bangalore, India. She pursued her D.M.D. degree as well as specialty training in Endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania, USA. During the course of her training, she received the esteemed Louis I Grossman award, the Samuel R. Rossman scholarship and the Sherrill Ann Siegel award & scholarship for demonstrating excellence in patient care, clinical skills and research. She is a member of UPENN School of Dental Medicine Dean’s council. She is on the Scientific Advisory Board as a reviewer for Journal of Endodontics, International Endodontic Journal and Quintessence International. Dr. Kohli has published in national and international peer reviewed journals and has contributed in books on microsurgical retreatment. Her publications have received and have been recognized as the best clinical research paper by JOE. She is the recommend speaker by the AAE for Microsurgery and Prognosis. She has served on the AAE’s Constitution and Bylaws committee and currently serves in the Research and Scientific Affairs Committee. She is a Diplomate of the American Board or Endodontics. She is an examiner for the Indian Board of Endodontics. Dr. Kohli also maintains part-time private practices limited to Endodontics in Pennsylvania, USA.

Guillaume Jouanny

Matthias Zehnder, Prof. Dr. Med. Dent., Phd
University of Zurich

Matthias Zehnder was born 1969 in St. Gall, Switzerland. He graduated from the University of Bern School of Dental Medicine in 1994, where he received his doctoral degree in dentistry (Dr. med. dent.) in 1996. Subsequently, he worked in private practice and part-time at the Department of Oral Cell Biology, University of Bern School of Dental Medicine. He then was employed at the Department of Oral Biology and Periodontology, Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine, and subsequently was trained at Columbia University to become a certified endodontist. Matt completed a PhD at Turku University (Finland) in 2005, and has received a Docent title from the University of Zurich in 2007. Currently, he is the tenured head of the Division of Endodontology at the Clinic of Preventive Dentistry, Periodontology, and Cariology, University of Zurich. Matt’s main research interests are to develop dental biomaterials, diagnose pulpal disease using molecular markers, and to improve approaches to disinfect dental hard tissues. He won several awards for his research, such as the Hans Genet Award by the ESE, the Columbia University Division of Endodontics Alumni Achievement Award, and the Louis I. Grossman Award by the SFE. He is a former associate editor of the International Endodontic Journal, and current editor-in-chief of the Swiss Dental Journal.

Bios Dr. Martin Trope

Martin Trope was born in Johannesburg, South Africa where he earned his BDS degree in dentistry in 1976. From 1976 to 1980, he practiced general dentistry and endodontics. In 1980, he moved to Philadelphia to specialize in Endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania.

After graduating as an endodontist, he continued at the University of Pennsylvania as a faculty member until 1989 when he became Chair of Endodontology at Temple University, School of Dentistry.

In 1993, he accepted the JB Freedland Professorship in the Department of Endodontics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, School of Dentistry. Named in honor of one of the founding fathers of Endodontics, the Freedland Professorship recognizes significant contributions to the specialty.

Dr. Trope is currently clinical professor, Department of Endodontics, School of Dental Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. He is in private practice in Philadelphia, PA.

Some of Dr. Trope’s past achievements include:

  • Director of the American Board of Endodontics
  • Editor-in-chief of both journals, Dental Traumatology and Endodontic Topics
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Oral Surgery, Oral Medicine, Oral Pathology
  • Member of the Advisory Board of Esthetic Dentistry
  • The Louis I. Grossman Award for publication of significant research (April 2002)

Dr. Trope frequently does research in the following subjects:

  • Dental trauma
  • Clinical outcomes
  • New diagnostic tests for pulpal and periapical disease
  • Material development for root canal filling.

Dr. Trope has created Next Level Endodontics drawing on his extensive academic background and “real world” experience in private practice.

Frank Setzer DMD, PhD, MS, Diplomate American Board of Endodontics

Topic:  Endodontic Diagnosis.

"Identify the problem correctly."

Biography short:

Frank C Setzer received the his dental and doctoral degree from the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany in 1995 and 1998; and his Endodontic specialty certificate, MS in Oral Biology and DMD from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA in 2006, 2008, and 2010, respectively. He is currently an Assistant Professor of Endodontics at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Setzer is a Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics ABE, a professional member of the American Association of Endodontists, and a dental faculty member of OKU. His research interests are the clinical detection, prognosis and assessment of periradicular pathology, in particular apical periodontitis, utilizing CBCT imaging in Endodontics.

Biography bullet points:

  • Graduated from the Dental School of the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany in 1995.
  • Received the doctoral degree also from the Friedrich-Alexander-University in Erlangen in 1998 with magna cum laude.
  • Pursued specialty training at the University of Pennsylvania after working for nine years in a multi-specialist private practice as associate and partner.
  • Graduated from the endodontic program in 2006, with the Richard F. Weiss Award for Excellence.
  • Received a Master of Science degree in oral biology in 2008 and DMD degree in 2010.
  • Clinical and Pre-Doctoral Director at the Department of Endodontics of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.
  • Diplomate of the American Board of Endodontics since 2017.
  • Published in national and international peer-reviewed journals, lectures nationally and internationally on various endodontic topics with a focus on endodontic microsurgery and treatment planning implant versus natural tooth supported restorations.
  • Serves as an Associate Editor for Journal of Endodontics, European Endodontic Journal, Quintessence International, and as a reviewer for International Endodontic Journal (IEJ), JADA and others.
  • Active member of several national and international professional societies, board member of AMED (Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry) and VDZE (Society of German Certified Endodontists), and dental faculty member of OKU.